A.I. Generated Art Workshop

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A.I. Generated Art is snowballing, with the choice of generation tools increasing and the number of people using them growing at a frenetic rate.

A.I. art is definitely a fresh opportunity for digital artists and this recorded workshop was a fun, informative and interactive event where we explored A.I. art as a community.

We had special guest artists Vladimir Chopine and Peter von Stackelberg who have made their own explorations of various A.I. tools. They learned a number of power tips to help either control the output or better utilise A.I. generated art and they shared some of their knowledge and experiences.

In this workshop we:-

  • Saw a variety of A.I. art generators in action.
  • Shared and discussed A.I. generated art
  • Learned about challenges in making effective use of A.I. art.
  • Shared useful patterns/rules for text input art generators

This product includes a searchable and captioned MP4 video of this workshop event lasting 1 hour 52 minutes.

Sample video segment : Featuring Vladimir Chopine

Bonus Video Tutorial Set

In this showcase tutorial Joel Simon, the developer of the A.I. character generator "Artbreeder", talks about and demonstrates his extraordinary work. Guest artist John Haverkamp goes through his experimentations and results with the software, including the use of postwork with Photoshop to enhance Artbreeder art output.

Total tutorial set running time : 2 hours and 5 minutes

  • Artbreeder : Generating new Characters with Artificial Intelligence (.MP4)
  • Main Tutorial (Joel Simon and John Haverkamp) : 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Supplemental tutorial (John Haverkamp) : 35 minutes
  • Joel Simon : The Artbreeder creator and developer
    • Joel's background
    • What inspired Artbreeder?
    • How Artbreeder came into being
    • Artbreeder's categories
    • Emphasis on face mixing
    • Editing genes
    • Where Artbreeder might go next
    • Surprising results gained from Artbreeder
  • John Haverkamp : Digital Artist
    • Recreates his experience in creating his universe of Artbreeder characters.
    • Explains his strategies for mixing uploaded images to discover unique new character portraits.
    • Shows you Artbreeder as part of a larger workflow in polishing generated characters:-
      • Using original 2D art
      • Using photos
      • Using DAZ Studio or Zbrush renders
      • How to take Artbreeder output and make it shine with Photoshop painting
      • How to use compositing techniques such as Abobe's face-aware Liquefy filter.
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A searchable HD recording of this workshop with optional captions. Bonus video tutorial - ARTificial Intelligence : Generating new Characters with A.I.


A.I. Generated Art Workshop

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