"Understanding and Effectively Using A.I. Art" : Video Course by Vladimir Chopine

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"Understanding and Effectively Using A.I. Art" : Video Course by Vladimir Chopine

  • Are you curious about A.I. art tools and wonder how they really work?
  • Do you wonder which are the best tools to use for your purposes? 
  • Are you figuring out how to best utilise art from A.I. generation?

In this five part video course, we are going to show you an in-depth guide to a series of A.I. art tools so that you can...

1. Understand how A.I. tools work.
2. Look at five A.I. generators, with a special emphasis on Mid-Journey
3. Discover the best practices for controlling the output of A.I. tools
4. Gain some consistency on output
5. Learn seven best postwork tips on enhancing A.I. art and removing artefacts.
6. Gain the skill of compositing A.I. art with your own art.
7. Learn how to sell A.I. generated art

We are going to show you how to understand, generate and effectively use A.I. art even if you:

1. Feel overwhelmed with the amount of A.I. art generators. Which are the best to use?
2. Feel that A.I. art is just too random for it to be really useful.

What sets this course apart?

- Vladimir Chopine (your guide) is utilising A.I. art commercially and actively selling A.I. art.
- Vladimir has already spent many hours assessing and experimenting with A.I. art generators!
- You can search the entire video library on any keyword or phrase spoken during the classes.

Sampler video from course

Vladimir Chopine : Trainer and Coach

The founder of Geekatplay and with a background in film production and computer sciences, A.I. art, 3D graphics, photography and composites has long provided a passionate pursuit for Vladimir. Serving 3D digital artists across the world, he has created over 3000 tutorials on VUE, DAZ Studio, Photoshop, Terragen, and many other applications.

Originally from Moscow, he lives with his wife Ami Chopin, who is a professional writer in Salt Lake City, Utah.

What's Included

  • Five recorded video teaching sessions (searchable with captions) and a bonus community workshop video = over 9 hours of content
  • Assignments for each recorded class to consolidate learning
  • Course includes entry to a private forum, to gain feedback, collaboration and assistance from other artists who've already taken the course
  • Supporting tools, techniques, recommendations and additional videos by Vladimir Chopine (embedded in the forum)

Week 1 : Foundation

  • What is AI-generated art and what it means for digital artists
  • The A.I. wizard behind the curtain : how does it work?
  • Rights and ownership in A.I. generated art.
  • Is A.I. art truly unique?
  • Different services of A.I. art - what might be best for you?

Week 2 : Generation

  • How to create and use AI art.
  • MidJourney
  • Stable Diffusion
  • Disco Diffusion
  • Night Cafe
  • Working with text prompts. Seven secrets behind good input

Week 3 : Retouching and Compositing

  • Retouching A.I. generated art : dealing with artefacts and more
  • Digital compositing using A.I. art as backgrounds
  • Digital compositing using A.I. art as the main subject

Week 4 : How to make money with AI Art

  • The current best marketplaces
  • How to set up a store
  • The state of the markets
  • Copyright questions

Week 5 : Mid-Journey Expert Module / Installing Stable Diffusion

  • Reviewing /Settings
  • /Remix mode and how to use
  • Stylisations by artist and mixing styles
  • /MJTest
  • Pushing Midjourney to the limit (maxing out the prompt text)
  • Using --no <term>
  • Full body figures
  • Installing your own stable diffusion

Bonus : Community AI Generated Art Workshop

We had special guest artists Vladimir Chopine and Peter von Stackelberg who have made their own explorations of various A.I. tools. They learned a number of power tips to help either control the output or better utilise the generated art and they shared some of their knowledge and experiences.

In this workshop we :-

  • Saw a variety of A.I. art generators in action.
  • Shared and discussed community A.I. generated art, which can be generated from any tool
  • Learned about community member challenges in making effective use of A.I. art.
  • Shared any discovered useful patterns/rules for text input art generators

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9 hours of searchable videos, a private resource and forum for the course, supplementary resources and assignments to consolidate learning.


"Understanding and Effectively Using A.I. Art" : Video Course by Vladimir Chopine

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