VUE : How to Create Detailed City Scenes

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Learn how to Create Detailed Cityscapes


Composed in Vue and finished in Photoshop, Christian (Tigaer) Hecker goes through the "making of" of this outstanding fantasy scene "Beasts Shall Rise". The city scene is loosely based on something you might see in Game of Thrones and this artwork has incredible detail!

Chris specialises in detailed scene making with many elements. He's created a series of these his work has been released as part of the renowned Luminarium art society at Deviant Art.

If you're interested in creating scenes in Vue with a cityscape in mind and wondering how to handle a high number of objects in the scene efficiently, then you will certainly benefit from this tutorial.

In this 2 hour searchable and captioned tutorial you'll learn about:-

VUE (version 2015 upwards)

1. Fixing the terrain in Photoshop

2. A look at the use of the Vue Ecosystem feature to create the city

3. Bringing DAZ3d models into Vue

4. How to keep the workflow fluid on heavy scenes

5. Working with multipass rendering

6. Logistics of rendering a scene with very large object/polygon count

7. Organizing a large scene for good workflow

8. Vue atmospheres.

Photoshop (Photoshop CC 2017 onwards)

The Photoshop file and its setup:-

1. A closer look into multipass rendering for efficient post work

2. Optical fixes and final color tuning

3. A final look at the overall post work history of the scene

4. Fixing elements of the scene with additional renders.

About the Presenter : Christian Hecker (Tigaer)

Christian Hecker is a dedicated digital artist who uses VUE and Photoshop. He has formed a recurring theme through his portfolio of depicting futuristic large-scale cities and this, really, is a natural response, perhaps from growing up in the environment of the industrial landscape of East Germany, as well as being awed by the production paintings of the sci-fi movies that we all love.

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VUE : How to Create Detailed City Scenes

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