Digital Comics Creative : Volume 1

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Volume One of a densely packed PDF guide to help you make digital comics and visual narratives. Collect all six volumes!

Includes a 1 hour 45 MP4 video of a visual narratives workshop, where visual narrative digital artists share their work, discuss challenges, techniques and tools in creating their digital comics.

Article List

1. But that's cheating!

Let‟s get something out of the way at the start. When making a comic book, is it cheating‟ to use 3D models, Photoshop filters, stock fonts and other aids?

2. Gaps in the market

The comics world is rapidly changing, and change will likely happen faster and faster over the next few years. Especially with AIs. But such change potentially means opportunities. Here is our list of some gaps in the market which would usefully be filled by someone. Perhaps filled... by you?

3. Treasures Stories

Visual Narrative possibilities and formats

4. Public Domain Characters you can freely use in your own comics

5. The Art of the Flip

One of the most useful methods for speed-creation is the art of 'flipping' or 'inverting' an idea, place, character or story.

6. 21 Key Approaches to Comic Graphics : we itemise some key graphic approaches you might consider when planning how to fashion your book‟s style

7. Tips on making your character ref : creating character reference sheets

8. Every page counts : How many pages should my comic have?

9. Get lined up with Panel Borders : Considering the line-weight, colour and type of the border line that surrounds each of your many comic panels

10. Krita Comic Tools

11. Tips on Comics Page Layout

12. How artists handle dark scenes

13. It's all Going Dotty : Tips and tools for applying halftone effects

14. The Mighty Marvel Method : How did Stan & Jack do it? Here is the “Marvel Method” of making a comic-book,

15. Advice from Möbius on making comic and how to emulate Moebius line art

Video Workshop

MP4 video : 1 hour and 45 minutes

Searchable video with optional captions

  • Bee Kay : Demon Division - comic book created with DAZ Studio (25 minutes)
  • Christine Cornell : Character creation profiles for historical Roman visual narrative
  • Linwelly : Sci-fi comic book "Taiduo" created with DAZ Studio
  • Tasos : Professional artist creating "The Traveller" graphic novel with Poser and Photoshop
  • Trevor Hancock : Creating panels with DAZ Studio
  • Drew Spence : Professional comic book artist creating "Force Six: The Annihilators "

Collect all Six Volumes of this Guide!

Volume One:

The Basics: Starting Approaches and Ideas

Volume Two:

Tools part one — general tools and DAZ Studio

Volume Three:

Tools part two — Poser 11 and other useful tools

Volume Four:

Advanced tools and filtering methods for line-art

Volume Five:

Putting it all together

Volume Six:

Distribution, selling, publishing

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A 36 page PDF guide to making digital comics, exploring the best digital tools and techniques for creating your visual narratives. Includes video workshop.

36 Page PDF Magazine
1 hour 45 minute MP4 video Visual Narratives Workshop

Digital Comics Creative : Volume 1

0 ratings
I want this!