Digital Art Live Issue 70 - ISOWORLD

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Digital Art Live provides in-depth interviews of digital artists who share their inspirations, workflows and stunning artwork from their portfolios.

Welcome to this month’s ’ISOworld’ issue — as in the isometric view, seen as if with a ’bird’s eye’ view that looks down and across an underlying base grid.

An isometric view always uses a rigid grid, and we tend to think of ’the grid’ as a key feature and emblem of our modern world. Yet ’the grid’ is far older, first appearing in art in a drawing of an Italian church interior in the year 1480. The regular square flagstones of that church’s fateful floor were drawn ’as seen’ and thus... the 3D grid first entered 2D visual art.

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’Apprentice Raccoon’ is an expert low-poly model maker, who uses Blender to create charming and personal miniature scenes.

Art created with BLENDER

“When I create a scene, I do not think about the mood and lighting before I have finished with model-making. Even if I have a general idea of how I want it to look, it’s only when I set up the lighting and color that I know which atmosphere I will give to my scene.”


’M4ndrill’ adores the Magicavoxel software, and works with it every day. He’s now developing a voxel-art style game.

Art created with MAGICAVOXEL

“I was lousy at drawing as a kid. And as it turned out, I still am. I did try to learn by studying pixel art drawings and by watching tutorials, but the progress was slow. Then one day I accidentally clicked on a voxel art tutorial, and I was immediately hooked.”


Diego Araujo switched career from a field-biologist hunting spiders in Brazil’s jungles, to a 3D specialist in Singapore!

Art created with BLENDER | OPEN SOURCE

“3D artists are trained to create art for games, animations and VFX for movies, often doing more technical work. The creative part comes from the concept art, which then becomes a template for the 3D artist. It’s not in their mindset to use 3D art for a whole book.”

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  • What's inspired each of these artists in starting their craft
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  • Workflow tips and tricks
  • Their successes and failures

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Digital Art Live Issue 70 - ISOWORLD

3 ratings
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